A Jar Full of Life by Florian Ross

Marleen is a young woman whose life hasn’t started yet. Already in her early 20s, she still lives at home with her parents and has no goals or aspirations to speak of. Like a lot of people her age, she’s stuck in a rut that seems impossible to overcome. Even her beloved big brother can’t save her from what looks like a permanent slump. Ultimately, it takes a personal tragedy to shake her awake. Out of a sense of guilt and despair, Marleen embarks on an adventure she’s clearly not prepared for. Indeed, there’s a ship waiting in Hamburg to sweep her off to Antarctica. But how is she supposed to get there with only eight euros in her pocket? It’s the beginning of a storybook journey that’s just as funny as it is emotionally poignant. In the course of her road-trip adventure, Marleen realizes the world is full of people who are even wilder and crazier than she is. She also makes an unexpected discovery: the further she travels away from home, the closer she gets to herself.

Title A Jar Full of Life
Type Current Titles
Genre Comedy
Category Feature Film
Format DCP
Running Time 85

Jella Haase
Matthias Schweighöfer
Uwe Ochsenknecht
Juliane Köhler
Marc Benjamin

Directed by Florian Ross
Produced by

Dan Maag
Marco Beckmann
Matthias Schweighöfer

Nationality Deutsch
Original title Vielmachglas
Release year 2018