'The Most Beautiful Day' ('Der Geilste Tag'): Film Review

Florian David Fitz and Matthias Schweighoefer headline this German comedy-drama, also written and directed by Fitz, which is currently the year's biggest local box-office champion. To lose one terminally ill manchild might be regarded as a misfortune; to lose two starts to looks like carelessness, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde. And yet, this is what is scheduled to happen in The Most Beautiful Day (Der Geilste Tag), the second directorial effort from Munich-born actor-screenwriter Florian David Fitz (Jesus Loves Me, Vincent Wants to Sea). Fitz here co-stars alongside the hugely popular German star Matthias Schweighoefer (The Break-Up Man) and the duo play young men who meet in the hospital where both are diagnosed with terminal illnesses. To make the most of the days that remain, they decide to get their hands on a lot of money and go out with a literal, pistol-generated bang at the end of a road trip through picturesque Africa. With a solid take of over $12 million in five weeks, it is currently the most popular local title of 2016 as well as the fifth highest grosser overall.


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